Youth Vote Counts

The Waimakariri Youth Council are hosts to a 2017 Election Waimakariri Candidate Q and A for young voters on 22 August at the Rangiora Town Hall starting at 7pm.  All the local candidates will be there on the night.

The Waimakariri Youth Council have been discussing for some time how best to spread information around voting in the 2017 General Election. Andrew Besuyn, Joint Chair of the Waimakariri Youth Council says, “We think it’s very important that young people vote, while also making an informed vote. Everyone should have a basic understanding of what the parties stand for, what policies they back and what their local candidate is like.” Youth Council Vote

The Waimakariri Youth Council could have simply chosen to run a social media campaign to inform voters of their party choices. However, they felt more was needed and getting young people to vote was so significant.  By creating a Questions and Answers session with some of the candidates it gives those attending an opportunity to get a more in-depth feel for the parties, and allows them to hear first-hand about the issues that affect them.   Andrew Besuyn added, “Voting is especially significant for younger voters because the decisions made by politicians aren’t necessarily going to affect older generations to the same extent as young people. MPs decisions will have a massive impact on our future careers, communities and society. They are shaping our future and if young people aren’t voting, our voice isn’t being heard.”

Candidates will give a brief overview of what their party stands for, and then the floor will be open for questions from the audience.

If you want to submit any questions in advance or you don't want to have to ask them publicly on the night feel free to send us a message with your question.  This is a free event and all ages are welcome.  For more information go to