We’re All Dog Gone Crazy!

Ever had the feeling that our dogs are ganging up on us? If so, you are not alone! Such is the growth of the population of our four-legged ‘friends’ in the Waimakariri, there are now 12,140 dogs in the district, spread across 7762 owners.

These include Reno, Bailie and Piper:


To put that figure in perspective, if our canine friends decided to ‘gang’ together, they’d have the populations of both Kaiapoi and Oxford out-numbered!

And they are continuing to build up their numbers!

Ten years ago, the district was home to 8809 dogs, but the pooches are expanding their influence!

The latest dog count comes from the registration process, which has just concluded for discounted payments.

To date, 10,866 dogs have registered, leaving 1274 outstanding among dogs that were previously registered.

If you own one of the outstanding dogs, and have missed the deadline, don’t worry.

You can still register at your local council service centre in Rangiora, or in the Kaiapoi and soon-to-be-re-opened Oxford library service centres.

All dogs in Waimakariri are required to be registered when they reach three months of age.

Puppy prices are on a pro-rata rate so if your pup is three-months old in August, the price is lower than what a more mature dog costs.

The cost of registering neutered dog goes from $54 to $81.

For an entire, the range is from $73 to $109.50.

We encourage you to keep updating us throughout the year with information around de-sexing, microchipping, additional dogs who have taken over your life (we really mean you have acquired!), deceased dogs and their contact details if they change.

While man (and woman’s) ‘best friends’ have their own distinct way of getting their message across, if they could talk, we are picking they would tell us that life is pretty darn good for a dog in Waimakariri.

As well as the open spaces of our rural areas, our furry mates have two dog parks dedicated to their well-being in Rangiora, one in the progress of being constructed at Gladstone Park, Woodend, while another is on the agenda as part of the regeneration work in Kaiapoi.

A dedicated dog park is on its way for Oxford too.

Sure is a dog’s life living in Waimakariri.


Contact: Matt McIlraith

Phone: 03 311 8902