Waste Management and Minimisation - the Results and the Next Steps

Over 3,100 of you made a submission in the recent Waste Management and Minimisation consultation where we sought feedback on how many choices should be offered to people for a kerbside collection.  This was a record response for a Waimakariri District Council consultation, and represented a fantastic effort from the community.

Based on the number of submissions received, it was obvious that many of you had strong views on the proposed options. 

Councillor Robbie Brine, Portfolio Holder for Solid Waste says, “The level of interest from the public was incredible and we are really pleased to see people taking the time to respond and for sharing their views with us.  This is a really important issue for the community.”

Here are the numbers based on what you shared with us:




Option A – One Standard Service



Option B – Two service choices



Option C – Four service choices



From the submissions made, over 2,600 have been taken into account by Council as permitted under government legislation.  The remainder either were late submissions, did not contain an option choice, were anonymous and so could not be counted, or were duplicate submissions. 

Anonymous submissions could not be considered because there was no way of knowing whether they were duplicates or not.

We are now moving to the next stage of the process and will hear from those 35 individuals or organisations who requested to present their submissions to Council in person. 

A Hearing Panel will consider the feedback received through the consultation process over two days on Monday 28 August and Thursday 31 August. Both public hearings will be held in the Council Chambers at 215 High Street Rangiora starting at 4.30pm. The deliberations hearing will take place on Monday 4 September at 4.30pm in the Function Room at the Rangiora Town Hall.

After considering all written and verbal submissions, the Hearing Panel will make recommendations to the full Council at its meeting in November. The kerbside collection service that the Council approves will be put into the final Waste Management and Minimisation Plan and the Council’s draft Long Term Plan.  The Long Term Plan consultation is in 2018 and there will be another opportunity for people to make submissions about the proposed level of service during that process.

For more information, you can read the report here.  And background information about the consultation can be found here.

Contact: Kitty Waghorn

Phone: 0800 965 468