Stop Wasting the Planet

This is the message motivational speaker and waste educator Kate Meads is putting out through her ‘Waste Free Parenting’ Workshops. The workshops are aimed at local parents to change their attitude towards waste so their children and future generations can enjoy this planet too.

The Council is bringing Kate to Rangiora to run the workshop for local residents, which will be held at the Rangiora War Memorial Hall on Thursday 14 September 2017. Costing $25 for individuals and $30 for couples, attendees will receive $100 worth of Waste Free Parenting products to take home to help them make small changes.

The Waste Free Parenting workshop came about because of Kate’s personal journey to become a more conscientious consumer and to look at the simple, small ways we can all make a difference.  The workshop covers a variety of topics including recycling properly, reducing food waste, composting, reducing packaging, cloth nappy basics and modern reusable products that suit parents busy modern lifestyles and that save money too.

Solid Waste Manager Kitty Waghorn says “The information attendees receive will inspire them to make small changes to their day-to-day household activities to encourage them to become consumers that are more conscientious and save a huge amount of money in the process.”

So why do we need a workshop like this in the Waimakariri?  Here are some statistics to help you put it into context:

We sent 17,258 tonnes to landfill last year and our kerbside collections make up 45% of all waste to landfill.  The waste audit sorts through and measures the different types of waste in our rubbish bags and rubbish bins. The average bag weight was 6kg and the average bin weight was 29.14kg.

Sanitary waste is classified as nappies, feminine hygiene products, paper towels and sits at:

  • 11.4% in bags
  • 9.1% in bins
  • 9.9% in combined domestic kerbside waste

Compostable Organic waste:

  • 54.1% in bags
  • 64.3% in bins
  • 60.9% in combined domestic kerbside waste  Recyclable materials:
  • 12.6% in bags
  • 7.4% in bins
  • 9.1% in combined domestic kerbside waste   

Bookings are essential, as spaces are limited.  Tickets are available through Kate’s website Waste Free Parenting.

Contact: Kitty Waghorn

Phone: 0800 965 468