Stock-Water Flow Resumes

The ‘taps’ are now back on as far as the District’s Stock-Water races are concerned, after the intake gates were re-opened. Waimakariri Irrigation Ltd, who manage the stock-water race, made the decision to open the gates this afternoon, having shut them yesterday due to the high Alpine rainfall which had led to a rapid rise in the water level of the Waimakariri.

stockWhile that decision was made in order to protect the infrastructure relating to the stock-water race, the receding water levels mean that potential hazard to the scheme has reduced.

Although the gates have been re-opened, it generally takes 48 hours for the flow to return to normal right across the system.

Farmers are thereby reminded to expect a reduced supply initially while the flow builds up to its normal volume.

Although rain is predicted over the weekend, the Met Service has cancelled earlier heavy rain warnings for the District’s Alpine areas, including the headwaters of our main waterway.

It is also predicting that much of the rain that does fall in inland locations, will fall in the form of light snow.

Waimakariri Irrigation will monitor the water levels of the river closely over the weekend and will move to close up again if the water rises quickly, presenting another potential danger to the infrastructure associated with the stock-water race.