River Rises Slowing as Rain Recedes

Local river levels continue to rise, although the rate is slowing as inland rain eases to light showers and drizzle. The Cust Main Drain has had the most significant rise, and is currently registering 74.2 cumecs. It peaked on 92 cumecs during the July 22nd rain.

Although it is continuing to rise, the rate of climb has reduced and it is expected to peak at a slightly lower level than we saw during last month’s flood. The Ashley Gorge and Waimakariri are both also still rising but, in each case, are well short of their July levels as the rate of climb slows. Ashley Gorge registered a level of 51.2 cumecs this afternoon, compared to a whopping 569 in the July flood, while the Waimakariri was running at 375.7 cumecs, well short of the 680 seen at its height last month. The latest rainfall levels in the District are as follows: Oxford 55.4mm, Rangiora 47mm, Bradleys Road 38mm, Kaiapoi 43.2mm and Woodend 53mm. The rain radar shows that the rain has virtually stopped for the east of the district, and inland the rain has eased to light showers and drizzle. This should continue through the night and by lunch time tomorrow the rain should be over completely.