Red Alert! How well do you know your traffic lights?

They’re on!

10.30am on Monday morning, the switch will be flicked, and Rangiora’s newest set of traffic lights will come to life at South Belt.

But do you know how the smart technology involved really works for pedestrians? Pedestrian Crossing

Given the proximity of the new traffic lights to schools and preschools, we thought it timely to remind you how they work so you can share this knowledge with your kids.

All three of our traffic signals in Rangiora have smart technology.

By this, we mean that they have built in sensors that can detect if anyone is at the crossing ready to cross. 

The catch is; if you move away from the yellow tactile paving, the smart technology sends a signal to cancel the pedestrian crossing. 

So please be careful: if you want to cross make sure you stay on the paving.

What you need to do:

  • Push the button.
  • Stand on the yellow tactile paving.
  • The red man will appear on the crossing signal.
  • When the green man appears, you can cross.
  • Don’t enter the crossing if the red man is displayed or flashing
  • If you entered the crossing on the green man, the red man may start flashing before you finish your crossing. Don’t worry, you will still get across, but try not to dawdle across the road.
  • Remember to stay alert when crossing.