Not So Fast - New Speed Limits in Place

A number of speed limit changes have been put in place in Rangiora and Mandeville following recent community feedback on various speed limit reviews.

The Council asked residents whether speed limits should be lowered on Rangiora’s Kippenberger Avenue, Northbrook Road, Rangiora-Woodend Road, Lehmans Road and River Road. Responses from submitters were overwhelmingly supportive of the proposed changes, with between 76 and 82% in favour of the speed limit reductions. New speed limit signage is now in place.

Further speed limit changes have been made in light of a changing landscape in Mandeville. It was timely to review speed limits with large block rural areas now being overtaken by smaller block rural/residential sections. This has brought about an increase in population resulting in higher traffic volumes. There were also some inconsistencies in speed limits in a number of residential cul-de-sacs and the speed limit review gave residents an opportunity to let Council know what they wanted to see in these areas.

Following adoption of the new speed limit proposals by Council at its August meeting, Kippenberger Avenue, from Watkins Drive to Devlin Avenue and Northbrook Road from Papawai Drive to east of Goodwin Street have been reduced to 50km/h, Kippenberger Avenue from the 50km/h change point to 500m east of Golf Links Road, Lehmans Road from Oxford Road to River Road, and River Road from Lehmans Road to West Belt are reduced from 100km/h to 80km/h.

And for Mandeville, new speed limits of 80km/h are in place on Wards Road, from Bradleys Road to the boundary of the Millfield Subdivision, Dawsons Road, from Wards Road for 800 metres and Bradleys Road, from Tram Road to 400 metres north of Modena Place and all cul-de-sacs in the area have been lowered to 50km/h for consistency.

The below maps outline the speed limit proposals which have now been adopted and are operational.

East Rangiora Speed Limit Proposals

West Rangiora Speed Limit Proposals

Map outlining proposed speed limits in Mandeville