Learn To Turn

There is a recurring theme being observed at the new traffic lights in Southbrook, with South Belt drivers seeming not to realise that they can turn without giving way to traffic turning left into Southbrook Road.

With the new changes to the intersection, there are two southbound lanes on Southbrook Road, which removes the need for a specific right turn arrow. Council’s Roading Manager Ken Stevenson says “If this had been included in the signal phasing, it would have increased delays for all other traffic movements. So if everyone follows the road code, it will help speed up people’s journeys through the intersection.”

The road code states that when two vehicles are turning into the same road at a laned intersection that has more than one marked in lane in both directions:

  • Both vehicles must show they want to turn by signaling for at least three seconds
  • Both vehicles stay in their own turning lane throughout the turn, that is:
    • Car A turns from the left-hand lane into the left-hand lane
    • Car B turns from the right-hand lane into the right-hand lane

Road Code Cars Turning 

For more information, visit the New Zealand Road Code.