Latest Roading Update Including Closures

While not as severe as July’s ‘Big Wet’, today’s deluge has made its mark on the District. Here’s the list of road closures and other updates.

  • Lees Valley Road is now closed. Snow is falling and settling at Gillespie’s Bridge.
  • Carleton Road is now closed from McJarrows Road to Thompsons Road (over the Cust River).
  • Snow is falling in the Oxford Area.
  • Watsons Reserve Road is closed from Rockford to McPhedrons Road.
  • Kennedys Hill, Pattersons Roads likely to be closed within the hour.
  • Summerhill area / North of Cust, water across most unsealed roads up to 300mm deep.
  • All fords on the Eyre River are closed.
  • All fords in North Ashley are closed.
  • Campions Road – there are three minor slips. Road still open. Has been signed to make safe.
  • The Cust River right up and threatening its banks.
  • There is widespread surface flooding across the whole network and our crews are placing signs and monitoring conditions.
  • Flooding in Cridland Street (Kaiapoi) area has dropped now tide has turned. Water has dropped back to kerb and channel now.
  • Water across many roads including Upper Sefton Road, Rangiora Woodend, Depot Road, Ashley Gorge Road and Oxford Road.
  • Minor scour Bush Road Oxford.
  • Pavements saturated, potholes developing quickly throughout network.

Conditions are very changeable at present so take care, especially when driving on the District’s roads.