Kings See Green

Just over seven months since work started, and the traffic lights at Southbrook Road and South Belt have now been switched on. While the work seemed to go on forever, there were few more patient than Andrew Walton, owner of Kings Mowers and Heating located right in the thick of the seven month intersection upgrade.

Andrew Walton standing outside Kings Mowers and Heating

Numerous lane closures, detours and restrictions to his business premises made trading challenging and yet somehow, he still manages to keep a smile on his face and optimism for the coming spring.

“It’s a huge relief having the work finished, and customers can find us now. There’s been a lot of sympathy for us out there which has been heartening. Although the work was quite disruptive, we’re through it now and look forward to a good spring”. He was quick to add that there is plenty of parking along Percival Street, as well as off-street parking out the back!

Despite the work being a major disruption to his business, Andrew was complimentary of the service he received from Council during the work. “Council were really good to work with. Kieran the Project Manager kept in touch with us and signage was made up so people knew we were still open for business” he said.

While the lights are operating, there is some final remedial work being carried out on South Belt. Council’s Roading Manager Ken Stevenson says “A section of road didn’t pass the ‘Benkelman-Beam’ test which measures the hardness of the road surface, so the contractors are repairing it now and it will be chip sealed on Friday. We’ll sweep the loose chip and road mark the area early next week, once the seal has had time to settle.”

“We’re immensely thankful to residents who were impacted by the work, and to motorists who either drove with care through the work site or found an alternative route. We really do appreciate everyone’s patience. With over 24,000 vehicles passing through the intersection per day, we knew it was going to be a challenge, but people have been great” says Ken.