Candidates Pitch Up

Earlier this week The Waimakariri Youth Council held a Candidates Question and Answers evening in Rangiora Town Hall to raise awareness amongst young people about the upcoming election.

Around 55 people attended and it was an interesting and lively discussion between the candidates, Youth Council and members of the public.  The following speakers took to the stage to outline their top party messages and answer a range of question posed by the Youth Council and members of the public. 

Matt Doocey - National Party

Nicky Glenjarman - The Opportunities Party (TOP)

Peter Adcock-White - Democrats for Social Credit

Dan Rosewarne - Labour Party

Benjamin Price - Conservative Party

David Lee - Green Party

Richard Prosser - NZ First

Hosted by Andrew Besuyen Co-Chair of Waimakariri Youth Council the event was for all ages although it did have a focus on youth.  The Youth Council felt that it was important that young people got the opportunity compare first-hand how each party will approach solving the issues important to them.

The audience asked a wide range of questions and issues were broad from youth mental health services, water quality, hospital services, housing affordability, income and asset testing. 

The main reason for the Waimakariri Youth Council hosting this event was to encourage more young people to make an informed choice and choose to vote on Election Day.

20170823 - Candidates Youth Event