Bagging Plastic Bags

We all know about the issues that plastic bags create for our environment, particularly for our marine life. How can they not when New Zealanders are churning through 1.6 billion single-use plastic bags every year?

These non-renewable resources more often than not end up in a landfill, in rivers, oceans and places where they shouldn’t.

Back in June a crowd of students demanded the ban of plastic bags as they gathered outside Parliament. This is just one of many initiatives being shown as many New Zealanders rebel against the use of plastic.

Central government has been facing increased pressure to address the issue of single-use soft plastics, and an open letter signed by over half the country’s mayors has been presented, demanding a mandatory bag levy be imposed.

Mayor David Ayers says “We’re finding a greater awareness around sustainability and the issues faced with single-use plastic bags. They get used for a very short period, and then end up in the landfill - or worse. There are far better alternatives to single-use bags. In England, a levy reduced plastic bag usage by 85% within 6 months, which is outstanding. Signing the petition was an easy decision. Plastic bags need to become a thing of the past”.

As well as signing the open letter to the government, the Waimakariri District Council is on board with various initiatives to support the reduction of plastic usage, including ‘Plastic Straw Free Rangiora’ which was launched at this year’s Winter Festival and it’s also looking to support Boomerang Bags and Kai Bags which are reusable bags to replace single-use plastic bags.

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