Whodunnit? The Case of the Disappearing Flaxton Road Plants

Green fingers or light fingers?

Probably both.

Council is on the lookout after 57 recently planted mountain flax and umbrella sedge plants were stolen from the banks of the Flaxton Road drain, downstream from Fernside Road.

20170717_WhodunnitThe missing plants were part of a batch of 400 pukio, sedge and flax put in place late last month for the purpose of stabilising the bank (pictured), while adding to the habitat and providing shade for the creek.

Staff noted their disappearance last week, with a spokesperson acknowledging that “this was not the first time” that recently planted foliage had gone “absent without leave” shortly after planting.

“It’s disappointing, but you can’t monitor them 24/7,” the council spokesperson said.

“Mind you, we shouldn’t have to. It might not seem like a big deal but theft is theft and ultimately the community ends up paying for it, as we have to replace them.”

A further planting will take place to fill in the gaps that now exist beside the waterway.

Contact: Matt McIlraith

Phone: 03 311 8902 Ext: 8953