Weather Wrap: After the Big Wet…

Published: 28-May-2018

Things are returning to normal as Waimakariri moves on from last weekend’s wet weather event.

Rangiora_AfterTheWet_thumbThe District’s Emergency Operations Centre, which was activated on Friday afternoon, closed mid-afternoon the following day, as did the emergency centres that were opened in the Kaiapoi Rugby Club and at the Rangiora Showgrounds.

Thanks to everyone who provided assistance during this time.

A small number of residents were accommodated in motels on Friday night, primarily due to disrupted services due to the weather.

By this morning, most of the District’s storm water and wastewater systems had returned to normal, although there are some areas with ponded water that may take a few days to drain down. 

There are also a couple of areas in Kaiapoi where the wastewater sewer system is still to return to normal.

Council is working through the service requests we have received with regards to wastewater so, if you have put in a request and not heard from us already on that front, expect to receive a phone call in the next few days.

If anyone has a concern they have not yet flagged, please give us a ring on our service line – 0800 965 468.

On the roads, flood waters have receded, although they have left their mark behind , which our teams are out assessing.

The primary issue is the numerous potholes that have been created, which our roading contractors, SICON, will be attending to as soon as they can.

SICON have had crews out and about since Saturday administering temporary repairs, although the extent of the damage across the District has inevitably meant that not all potholes were able to be attended to immediately.

On the greenspace front a number of parks, especially in the east of the district, are very wet and it will take a reasonably long period of time for some grass areas to dry out.

Some playgrounds have surface water ponds on top of the safety surfacing. While this is common after large rain events, parents are advised to ensure that their children take care while playing.

As most of the playgrounds have sumps underneath, the water should drain away over the next few days.

All of our community facilities are open and fully operational, but our sports fields after still very wet, and may not get the chance to dry out this week as more rain is forecast for Thursday – albeit on a much lesser scale than the downpour we’ve recently endured.

For opening and closing details for sports fields, please refer to your club.

Name: Matt McIlraith

Phone: 03 311 8902