Preparing For The Winter Onslaught

Preparations are in place across the district as the next weather front bears down the country leaving significant rainfall in its wake.  MetService are predicting 30mm of rain in Christchurch and Kaiapoi on Friday and a total of 50mm over Friday and Saturday. High tide is at 2am and 2pm.

RaindropsGiven the predicted levels of rainfall and the anticipated impact, Council have put in place additional resources.

Temporary pumps will be deployed in Kaiapoi specifically at Feldwick Drain and Dudley Drain.  Additional temporary pumps are on standby for the Parnham Drain and will be in place for use as required.  Council staff have checked all pump stations, grills have been cleaned and flap gates checked. 

Council staff will be monitoring water levels throughout the day and will respond to any issues that arise.

This includes the District’s fords, which are closely watched by SICON, who assist with the District’s roads. The situations at each ford can be different, so calls on their closure are made individually, as opposed to a blanket decision for fords across the District.

Safety considerations are paramount in any decisions to close these travel routes.  Regular ford users especially should keep a close eye on our website and Facebook page for updates on any change in conditions.   We strongly urge people not to attempt to cross fords once they have been closed.

From our colleagues in Civil Defence the advice is, as always, be prepared.  For properties that are prone to flooding act now to protect gully traps before the rain comes.  Residents who have known flooding issues can contact the Council Civil Defence office and we can have some sandbags available for uplift.   

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