Mandeville Speed Limits Under Review

Changes in the Mandeville community, largely the increase in small block rural/residential areas and growth in population and traffic volumes, suggested it was time to take a look at speed limits and talk to the community about what they thought.

During March Council put forward speed limit proposals for consideration. These included lowering the speed limit on Tram Road through the Bradleys Road and McHughs Road intersection, lowering WDC12429_MandevilleSpeedLimitsMapWards Road, Dawsons Road and Bradleys Road to 80km/h to be consistent with McHughs Road and Mandeville Road, and lowering the speed limits in surrounding cul-de-sacs and access roads to 50km/h to be consistent with those in the Millfield subdivision.

Feedback received was clear-cut in its support to lower the speed limits on Wards, Dawsons and Bradleys Road and of those in the cul-de-sacs. However it was much less clear cut regarding the speed limit on Tram Road through the Bradleys Road and McHughs Road intersection.

Based on feedback and technical work that has been done, a formal proposal was put to the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board, who approved to consult with the community on the following proposed speed limits.

A speed limit of 80km/h is proposed on:

* Wards Road, from Bradleys Road to the boundary of the Millfield Subdivision

* Dawsons Road, from Wards Road for 800 metres

* Bradleys Road, from Tram Road to 400 metres north of Modena Place

The Council also proposes a speed limit of 50km/h on all of the cul-de-sacs and access roads within the Mandeville community.

Roading Manager Ken Stevenson says “The speed limit on Tram Road in the vicinity of the McHughs Road and Bradleys Road intersection was put forward during the recent engagement process. It became clear that further investigations are needed before an appropriate speed limit can be determined for this area. We’ll keep in touch with the community once we’re through that process”.

Feedback is open until 5pm on Friday 14 July and the Council want to hear what the community thinks of this proposal.

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