Kaiapoi Aquatics Centre Closed for Scheduled Maintenance

Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre is closed until Sunday July 23 for scheduled work to maintain its water heating and filtration plant. The work, which is required on a three-yearly basis, was postponed from last year due to the unscheduled closure of the Dudley Park Aquatic Centre for urgent skylight repairs.

This is the first time the Kaiapoi facility has been closed since the pool reopened in August 2013 following extensive earthquake repair work.Kaiapoi Aquatic Centre

While there is never a ‘good’ time to close, the date of the closure was selected after a thorough study of attendance figures in order to minimise the level of inconvenience to the public.

The data identified greater public use of the pool during school term time, than during the holidays. The numbers also showed a seasonal bias, with greater pool use through the warmer months.

Although Kaiapoi is closed, the Dudley Park Aquatic Centre is not affected by this work and will be operating its normal hours, along with inflatable toys and KidsFest events.

We appreciate that there is no ideal time to close a year round facility without having some impact on our customers and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.