It’s Mandeville’s UV Protection, But Not As We Know it

Think ultra violet (UV) protection, think skin protection, right?

Yep, but there is more to UV protection than just looking after the skin, and that’s good news for Mandeville residents as their own personal UV protection kicks in tonight.

UVProtectionStoryIt might not sound a big deal, but residents on the Mandeville water supply scheme will be drinking H2O as clean as humans can make it, after the area’s UV water unit comes to life.

The unit treats water by ultra-violet disinfection to supplement the existing chlorine system, with the Mandeville water scheme the first among the District’s 16 water schemes to have this type of treatment installed.

Completion of the unit, which guarantees that the scheme produces water fully compliant with the Drinking Water Standards for New Zealand, finishes a project that began in May.

The UV unit was commissioned after the Mandeville bores, which were previously thought to be secure, showed signs of contaminant in the water.  

Upon learning that the primary well had been compromised, a plan was put in place to rectify the situation, with UV being the recommended treatment method.

No other deep bore schemes in the District have recorded a similar problem and all are closely monitored to ensure water quality.

How Mandeville’s new UV system works

A UV system treats the water by passing the raw liquid through a series of high intensity UV lamps that deactivate any potential contaminants.

This guarantees that there are no bugs at the outlet of the lamp, and ensures the safety of the drinking water.

The process provides an extra level of protection over and above chlorine, which only treats some kinds of bugs (bacteria) but not others (protozoa).

Therefore, if you are getting your H2O off the Mandeville scheme, tonight it is worth a drink to celebrate… water of course!