Here’s How Your Roads Are Looking

The weather has cleared and all roads across the District are now open, although drivers are advised to use caution, as the recent rain has left its mark.

20170724_HeresHowYourRoadsAreLooking_thumbThe chief issue is the number of pot holes and edgebreaks that have formed on multiple roads across the District. Crews from SICON, who council contracts for its roading work, have been out and about, endeavoring to repair the damage as soon as it is discovered.

Crews will be active around the District today, both undertaking repairs, but also removing the signage from sites that were flooded during the event.

Overall Situation

  • Larger areas where damage has occurred on Tram Rd, Oxford Rd, Depot Rd (Woodstock Rd to Rockford Rd) and Goode St (opposite the New World car park entrance), are being repaired with hotmix.
  • Foremen carried out inspections on bridges and most of the larger culverts during the course of Saturday. Most were coping with the volumes of water, but there are several that will require scour repairs, debris clearing, etc.
  • A further Post Flood Inspection of bridges / culverts longer than 20m is taking place this morning.
  • The unsealed roading network is being addressed as required, with four graders in action across the District today. Remetalling requirements will be assessed over the next few weeks.
  • The roads in north Ashley were the worst affected by the flooding, but the Ohoka area in south Ashley also had a lot of surface water.
  • Lees Valley Rd has several slips on it, and the Whistler Bridge has a washout. The ford can currently still be used. An inspection of Lees Valley Rd to determine what action is required will take place this afternoon.
  • All of the fords on the Eyre River are currently still closed, as are all fords in north Ashley.

Road updates from the weekend – what’s now reopen

  • A digger was employed at Makerikeri Bridge on Dixons Rd after the pipes and part of the bridge abutment were damaged. The road was closed down to a single lane but is now fully operational again.
  • Tippings Rd and Swamp Rd, Cust, have now reopened.
  • Surface water all along Oxford Rd from east of McIntoshs Rd to the Cust River has been cleared, and also west of Bennetts Rd. Large potholes have formed on both roads but are being attended today with hotmix repairs.
  • Broad Rd has reopened after being closed for a time between Harleston Rd and SH 1.
  • Upper Sefton Rd has reopened after being closed between Toppings Rd and Broad Rd.
  • Carleton Rd, which closed (500m south of the speedway), has reopened
  • Kennedys Hill Rd between Oxford Rd and Terrace Rd is now open again
  • Overflow from the Cust River flooded Pattersons Rd but the water has cleared and it is now reopen again.
  • The Ashley river is bank to bank in the Ashley Gorge. The water level has subsided since Saturday but is still flowing strongly.
  • The water race adjacent to Garterys pit broke out and flooded the pit.
  • The Dockey Creek was up and the pipes crossing Johns Rd were at capacity, but the infrastructure held up and there were no major issues. The river flow has now settled down.