Come & See the America’s Cup – Before It Comes to Waimakariri

Waimakariri residents will get their chance to see the America’s Cup up close, and to celebrate the success of Team New Zealand, with the Christchurch ‘Victory’ parade now confirmed for next Wednesday (July 12).

AmericasCupTrophy_560x321The parade will start at 12 noon at the corner of Colombo and Lichfield Streets (next to the Bus Interchange).  It will head north along Colombo Street before turning left into Hereford Street and right into Montreal Street. The parade will finish at the Christchurch Art Gallery where there will be a formal welcome and speeches.

Twenty-five members of the team will be taking part in the parade.

Rumour has it that Team New Zealand has already turned down its first challenge for the Auld Mug, after Kaiapoi Councilor Al Blackie offered the champion sailors the opportunity to race his house boat down the Kaiapoi River.

TNZ politely declined the request due to prevailing Cup rules, which allow the defender to choose the race venue.

The word on the streets of Kaiapoi today, however, suggest that TNZ was unnerved by the length of the house boat as opposed to their catamarans, believing that would give the local ‘challenge’ an unfair advantage.

Blackie’s house boat, nicknamed the ‘Titanic’ is also said to be unsinkable.

This is thought to be another disadvantage the TNZ sailors, having sunk their own boat, were not prepared to take on.

Undaunted, it is understood that council will offer the use of the Waimakariri River for TNZ’s first cup defence, although some thought will need to be given as to how to get the boat masts under the bridge.

“It won’t be an issue,” an unnamed spokesperson for ‘Waimakariri America’s Cup, 5054’ said this afternoon, while denying that the bid was Fake News.

“We are working on our District Development Strategy now, and I’m confident we will have everything in place to hold the greatest America’s Cup regatta ever by then.”

The proposed date for Waimakariri’s inaugural America’s Cup is said to be April 1.

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