Waimakariri Youth ‘Connecting for Action!’

Best practice for meetings was on the agenda in the council chambers this week when the Waimakariri Youth Council and WaiYouth members gathered for a training workshop.

20170614_WMKYouthConnectingForAction‘Connecting for Action’, facilitated by Ian Thurlow, aims to reinforce the importance of engagement by providing participants with tips to ensure that every voice around the table is properly heard.

This provides the best chance for any meeting to achieve a positive outcome for all of those who are involved.

The learnings, which were further supported by the attendance and participation of councillors Wendy Doody and Dan Gordon, should provide important pointers for the attendees as they look to widen the engagement of youth in the community by revising the Waimakariri Youth Strategy. 

The growth and maintenance of a culture of kindness, caring, and respect was evident on the night as the participants drew up a set of guidelines to get the most out of their meetings. 

There was a commitment expressed by all of the attendees to work more collaboratively in future. 

The attendance of Councillors Doody and Gordon also gave the young people the opportunity to engage directly with the elected representatives, providing the chance to explore ways that might make it easier for the voice of youth to be heard within Council.