VIDEO: Helping the Community? You Betcha!

Look around you.

It could be your neighbour. Your best friend. The school teacher of your kids.

Did you know that over 50% of the people who live in the Waimakariri volunteer in one way or another to support the wider community?

That astounding figure serves to underline how many of our friends and family members look and act beyond themselves.

In doing so, they provide a vital range of services that we can sometimes take for granted, even though we access them on an almost daily basis.

This is why National Volunteers week is so important.

It’s why we, at Council, are taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate those who give up their valuable time in service of their community through two special videos that are now online.

‘Live, laugh, share – volunteer’; is this year’s theme.

It is so appropriate for our district. 

The impact of our volunteers is perhaps most visible in times of emergency, where they form the backbone of emergency responses through fire service, search and rescue and civil defence.

Without volunteers these vital services wouldn’t function.

However, it’s not just our emergency services that benefit.

Our schools and sports clubs are dependent on volunteers to help young people develop their sporting skills and knowledge. 

We also have a very active and vibrant arts scene thanks to the passionate work of our artistic volunteers. 

Then there’s the places and spaces that are beautified and maintained by some very handy, green-fingered folk.

Waimakariri’s volunteers come in all shapes and sizes and have a wonderful range of skills, knowledge and passion to share. 

Every day we benefit from the work that they do and the value that they add.

We are grateful to each and every one of you for the time you give, the energy you bring, and the invaluable contribution you make each and every day.

Thank you!