No Waste of Time: Nice Work Girls!

Members of the Rangiora Ashley Community Board paid a special visit to North Loburn School today to acknowledge the contribution to the environment made by nine-year-old students, Cate Ambury and Jorja Simpson.

20170627_NoWasteOfTime2The Board presented the pair with certificates after they carried out a survey of litter found in and around the Rangiora area, providing a presentation of their findings to a school assembly.

The girl’s survey was in keeping with North Loburn School’s position as a green/gold enviro school in the nationwide Enviroschools programme.

Green/gold is the highest level a school can achieve within the programme, with the significance of its attainment being highlighted by the fact that there are over 1000 schools across New Zealand that participate in the Enviroschools programme.

This network embraces over 260,000 children and young people, their whānau and thousands of their teachers.  

Cate and Jorja’s special project came at an appropriate time, as North Loburn has been working hard in the environmental space in order to retain its green/gold rating after this year’s review of all Enviroschools.

The nine-year-olds carried out their survey, with the support of their parents, in their own time, with the work contributing to the summit challenges North Loburn assigns its students.

The challenges require students to take the lead in completing a number of tasks throughout the year.

The children are able to create their own task if they want to, as Cate and Jorja did by carrying out their survey on local waste.

The girls’ activity fitted in neatly with their school’s environmental values, which place an emphasis on sustainability through one’s own practices.

North Loburn School is one of 73 Enviroschools in Canterbury, which represents 20% of all schools within the region.

The Enviroschools programme, which focuses on integrating environmental education into everyday school life, began in 1993 as a collaboration between three schools and the Hamilton District and Waikato Regional councils.

Such has been its success the programme has spread overseas, with schools in Argentina, Chile, Brunei and Singapore getting involved in the project.

Remember Council is currently consulting with the public about waste management services within Waimakariri.

We are presenting a number of different options for consideration.

The consultation includes a special online calculator that allows you to work out just how each choice would influence your rates.

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