Working with our Tamariki

Hegan Reserve was given the makeover of its life following its acquisition by the Waimakariri District Council in 2000, from the Schulter family; Jean Schulter being the granddaughter of the original owner, James Hegan.


Southbrook and Rangiora New Life Schools approached the Council to clear the overgrown paddock, so the space could be used for lessons and recreation. A working party was established in 2011 which included Rangiora Community Board members, and the schools were invited to work with the Board and the Council’s Green Corps Team.

Rangiora-Ashley Community Board member Judith Hoult says “It was hoped the encouragement to be involved in the planning and hands-on planting of the reserve would develop a sense of ownership for the space. We are overwhelmed by how well this has been achieved”.

With pride in everyone’s achievements, the Community Board submitted an entry to the LGNZ Community Board Executive Committee Best Practice Award mid-March 2017. While the entry didn’t win, both schools and the Rangiora-Ashley Community Board believe it was a worthy project that will continue to benefit all in the community.

“While we’re disappointed we didn’t win the LGNZ Enhancing Communities Award, the Rangiora-Ashley Community Board is extremely proud of the hard work and dedication shown from the students of Rangiora New Life School and Southbrook School. In partnership with the Board and Council, they have helped transform Hegan Reserve into what it is today, and we know it’s going to be a taonga (treasure) for generations to come” says Judith.

The award category ‘Enhancing Communities’ was chosen as the development of the reserve is an outstanding example of successfully engaging with young people in our community, and incorporating their views into the development of the reserve. It is also intended that the natural reserve will restore ecosystems characteristic of the original environment, as well as provide recreational elements for the community. The reserve is an asset that is sure to be highly valued by the community as it continues to mature.