Planning for a Sustainable Kaiapoi River

Sustainability was on the agenda at Kaiapoi North School yesterday when pupils received an introduction to the Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation Project.

Council Land and Drainage engineer Greg Bennett gave an address on the issue of ecological sustainability, encouraging the students to think about the future, and how they could contribute to the health and prosperity of their local river and its surrounding environment.

“The feedback was really encouraging,” Bennett says.

“You could see as the discussion developed that the students were really getting into it. Some great ideas came up, which I’m sure the school, and the students themselves, will follow through on.

“This is their environment, their river, and you could see their excitement as ways they could contribute were discussed.”

Students were shown a presentation which highlighted the changes that were taking place on and around the river, and asked to consider questions such as planting concepts and detailed landscape plans for particular sites.

Education was also provided around plant selection for landscaping purposes.

“There was a lot to it,” Bennett says.

“Sometimes we take aspects within our environment for granted. We all see things but we don’t really give a lot of thought as to how they came to be and, just as importantly, why?

“The Kaiapoi North School discussions were about finding solutions and it was really pleasing to see the depth with which the students engaged on the topic.”

Council’s Kaiapoi River Rehabilitation Project consultation, which closed earlier in the month, offered the public the chance to comment on proposals that were designed to improve the water quality, navigability, flood hazard management, amenity and recreation of the river.

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