Percival Street Back to Two-Way Traffic

With the completion of work to lower service ducts at the intersection of Percival Street, Southbrook Road and South Belt, Percival Street is now back open to two-way traffic

Work has continued west along South Belt, with the installation of the new water main installed between Buckleys Road towards Ellis Road. The installation of a steel sleeve to house the water main under the Middlebrook Culvert has also been completed.

Installation of a large diameter stormwater has been completed all the way to Matawai Park.

The sealing of the footpath and the road shoulder on the south-west quadrant was finished this week, and the new footpath on South Belt towards Buckleys Road is also underway.

Next week, a large stormwater pipe will be connected into an existing open drain in Matawai Park, before the final section of pipe outside Kings Mowers is completed.

Please drive with care and follow signage.