Riding for Road Safety

UPDATE: Organisers have postponed the National Ride For Safety which was to take place on Saturday 20 May due to concerns over weather conditions. 

Horses are rarely a sole form of transport for many nowadays but we still see them on our roads as children and adults alike take the opportunity to enjoy the great countryside we live in by using the roads to either train, exercise or just enjoy a different environment on their horses.

Ride For Road Safety 2017Road Safety Coordinator Kathy Graham says, “We know most drivers and riders are courteous towards each other when they encounter each other on the road”. 

However, if you’re not familiar with the road code – it’s a good time to check exactly what you should do as a driver or a rider when on the roads.”

Local horse riders are supporting a national Ride For Road Safety event this Saturday, 20 May in Cust and drivers may need to be patient if they come across the group this weekend.

The group will meet at Cust Domain at 10 a.m before making their way to the Cust Pub via the following roads.

  • Across the domain and into O’Farrell’s Road
  • Reids Road
  • Tippings Road
  • Terrace Road
  • Reid Road-O’Farrell’s Road
  • Mill Road
  • Inland Scene Route/Oxford Road to Cust Pub
  • Back down to Domain via Mill Road

“We ask all road users in the area to keep an eye out for the riders and remember the messages about sharing the road.

The organised ride is a good reminder for all of us to take care when using the roads and give consideration to all road users.”

For more information on the national Ride for Safety, please visit the Ride for Safety Cust Facebook page.

NZ Road Code for Drivers and Riders:

Please show courtesy when sharing the road with horse traffic. Horses can take fright easily, so adjust your driving as soon as you see horses on the road ahead of you.

Safe driving near horses:

  • Slow down and pass carefully, giving the horse and rider plenty of room.
  • Don't sound your horn, rev your engine or pass at speed, as this could frighten the horse.
  • If the horse and rider are on a bridge or narrow road, be very careful – slow down or stop.
  • If the horse appears frightened, stop.
  • At night, dip your headlights when approaching a horse.
  • Two vehicles should avoid passing near a horse.

As a horse rider, it is important that you follow the road rules shown below. They will help ensure your safety when you are riding on the road.

Safety rules for horse riders:

  • Always wear a safety hat while riding. Otherwise, a fall from your horse could result in a head injury.
  • Ride your horse on the left-hand side of the road and as far to the left as possible.
  • Keep your horse on the side of the road whenever you can, but don't ride on footpaths, lawns or gardens.
  • Don't ride more than two abreast.
  • Don't ride on the right of any moving vehicle.
  • If you are leading another animal while riding, always keep it on your left, away from the traffic.
  • If you are riding a horse or leading animals at night, wear reflective clothing and carry a torch.

Horse-drawn vehicles:

  • At night, vehicles drawn by horses must have a white light on the front right of the vehicle or load and have a red light shining to the rear. 
  • They must not have a red light on the front at night.