Underground Pipework Continues at Southbrook Road

This week has been all about pipe installations at the Southbrook Road/South Belt/Percival Street intersection, as contractors reached Matawai Park with the new sewer main. There is only a short length of pipe and one manhole remaining to see this section of sewer main completed.

Installing the new stormwater mainThe stormwater main which is being installed across the intersection has been delayed, owing to a clash with underground services. However contractors pushed on and installed the next manhole in the line today, and the pipeline continues to progress north. 

In water work, the new water main across the intersection has been installed through to Clearbrook Lane. Next week it will continue west along South Belt.

Next week also sees the last of the sewer main installed, as well as one manhole at the edge of Matawai Park. Asphalting of the footpath on the south western quadrant of the intersection will be carried out following the installation of the traffic signal poles on this corner. 

Pipe bursting work under the Middlebrook culvert is planned for next week.

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