Introducing the NZ Red Cross Hazards App

There’s a storm coming and it could cause havoc in Waimakariri.

NZ Red Cross App in HandHow would I know?

The ground has just stopped shaking.

What do I do now?

The above are two of a number of scenarios where natural disasters could – or have – struck.

In these situations, you need information fast.

Many of you who are following WDC on Facebook have and will seek out fast information from that source.

The WDC website is another popular destination.

For those of you addicted to your smart phones, we introduce another option, the New Zealand Red Cross Hazards Application (App).

The App, which offers nationwide coverage, is another quick and easy option for emergency information alerts for those not already connected with us via Facebook.

And it can be tailored to your locality, anywhere in the country, with your home location complemented by GPS tracking.

This means, no matter where in New Zealand you are, you’re covered!

Not only can you keep abreast of any hazard incidents in Waimakariri, you can also load in other locations, so you can gain information about any incidents that may impact on friends and family in other parts of the country.

The App even allows you to customize notifications to the hazard events (or scales) you want to be told about!

For example, not everyone wants to be alerted to a 2.0 earthquake.

When it hits 5.0 on the Richter scale, then that’s a different story.

Ditto flooding, earth slips, fires or any other natural or man-made emergencies you want to be informed about.

You choose when you customise the App on your smart phone, once you have downloaded it.

It’s a free, comprehensive and convenient way for you to be ready, no matter what the emergency is.

NZ Red Cross Hazards App

  • Identifies the hazards
  • Reduce the associated risk
  • Keeps you informed

For more information, check out

Contact: Matt McIlraith

Phone: 0800 965 468