Intersection Safety Message Not Getting Through

Every year over 700 drivers in Canterbury cause a crash by failing to give way.

In April Waimakariri Council joined with Selwyn, Ashburton and Timaru Councils to highlight intersection safety.

Person inside car at intersection

As part of the Waimakariri campaign police targeted intersections over the weeks of 10 to 23 April. During that time 73 drivers received infringement notices – 72 for failing to stop at a stop sign and one for failing to give way when turning right.

Road Safety Co-ordinator Kathy Graham says it is worrying that people still don’t seem to be getting the message about driving safely at intersections. 

“The risk of serious injury or death as the result of an intersection crash is a lot higher due to the nature of the impact that usually occurs, particularly in high speed rural areas,” she says.

“In Waimakariri the most common cause of crashes at intersections are failing to stop or give way (a factor in 58% of crashes) and poor observation (a factor in 52% of crashes).

Sergeant Rene Pabst said it was disappointing the number of drivers who when asked why they failed to stop said ‘the way was clear’. 

 “Stop signs are there for a reason and the time taken to stop, check the way is clear and check again is minimal when compared to the risk that is taken by failing to stop,” he says.

As we come to the end of the official ‘UN Global Road Safety week’, we hope that drivers take the time to consider their actions when on the road and realise the impact they could have on both themselves and others when ignoring signs.

The intersections where drivers were penalised for failing to stop included:

  • Ohoka Road/Island Road, Kaiapoi
  • Johns Road/Percival Street, Rangiora
  • Johns Road/Plaskett Road, Rangiora
  • Williams Street/Smith Street, Kaiapoi
  • Williams Street/State Highway 1, Pineacres
  • Beach Road/Williams Street, Kaiapoi
  • Charles Street/Smith Street
  • Eders Road/State Highway 1, Woodend
  • School Road/State Highway 1, Woodend
  • Gladstone Road/State Highway 1, Woodend

Contact: Kathy Graham

Phone: 0800 965 468