Draft District Development Strategy: It’s Your Future. Have Your Say!

What will the Waimakariri District look like in 2048? What would you like to see? Answers to these and other questions are proposed in the Waimakariri District Council’s Draft District Development Strategy: Our District, Our Future – Waimakariri 2048.

StrategyA draft Strategy outlining population and household projections for the next 30 years, and proposed growth directions for development in the District (both residential and business) has been put together, which will assist with strategic planning for the future.

This will be presented to Council for approval to publically consult on the draft Strategy at Council’s meeting on June 6.

A formal public consultation will then begin, allowing you to have your say.

As a District, Waimakariri is one of the fastest growing in New Zealand.

Our population grew from 33,000 in 1996 to 57,800 estimated population last year, at an annual average growth rate of 2.7%.

To put that figure in perspective, the national population growth rate in the 1996-2016 period was 1.2%; less than half of that experienced in Waimakariri.

In real terms, this means the District could be home to an additional 15,000 houses in 30 years and that has ramifications for almost every aspect of life for its residents.

How big will our main towns be?

Where will the houses go, and what areas will be reserved for business activity?

What environmental considerations must be taken into account when planning our growth directions to avoid risks posed by natural hazards?

The strategy has been designed to ‘point the way’ forward as discussion about the future of the District comes into focus.

The consultation will run for a month from the middle of June and a full draft District Development Strategy and summary version will be accessible from our website. Hard copies can also be picked up from Council libraries and service centres. Online and hard copy feedback forms will be available to fill in.

A final Strategy, based on comments received, and any further information is intended to be considered by Council for adoption towards the end of this year.

We are talking about your future.

Make sure you have your say.

Contact: Matt McIlraith

Phone: 0800 965 468