Community Team Hosts Youth SPACE

Earlier this week, the Waimakariri District Council Community Team hosted Youth SPACE, a programme run by IDEA Services that offers learning and life skills programmes for young people with intellectual disabilities. They provided many great ideas from physical accessibility needs to what it takes to feel safe and accepted in our community.

Sadly, many of them had at some stage experienced being bullied; discussing their thoughts and ideas helped bring better understanding to the issues and needs they face. Their next steps are to share their feedback with the Waimakariri Youth Council which promises to be a productive and engaging opportunity.

Youth SPACE participants also got a chance to learn about what the Mayor and Councillors do for the community, thanks to Governance Manager Sarah Nichols. She also shared some tips on how she manages to keep everyone awake during long meetings; Youth SPACE assures, this secret is safe with them!

Youth SPACE 

To learn more about Youth SPACE and/or IDEA Services, visit: