Building the Wai Youth Team

Teamwork was the catch word for the Waimakariri Youth Council last week as they held a session devoted to bringing the group together in the council chambers.

The Youth Council members were guided by Emma Chivers, a strength network accredited coach, who helped them through the process of discovering their individual strengths and how they could use these to assist with building up the team.

“Learning to understand each other’s strengths and working together is important for the team as they get to know each other,” WDC Youth Development Facilitator Leanne Bayler says.

“This is especially so at the moment as we have six new members in the team!”

The Youth Councillors were supported at the session by Mayor David Ayers, and Councillors Dan Gordon and Wendy Doody.

This year the team will be working on updating the Youth Development Strategy for Waimakariri.

As part of this work, they are aiming to gather the thoughts of other young people around the District to hear their hopes for the future.

Last week’s training session is one of the first steps in that process and it received the thumbs up from the participants.

“It was good to find out everybody’s strengths, strong points and weaknesses,” one of the Youth Councillors says.

“I was surprised to find people with similar strengths. The training and team building work helps you to understand how other Youth Council members think.”

Youth Council members in Council Chambers

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