Bridge Construction to Start on New Arterial Road

The upgrade to the Butchers Road section of the New Arterial Road in West Kaiapoi is making quick progress, with new fill material to form the road being trucked in and installation of services underway.

Bridge piles at the new Arterial RoadThe next step is to link the two new sections of road with bridges; one over Silverstream (Kaiapoi River) and the second over the Ohoka River.

The rock rip rap, where large boulders are used on the banks to prevent the river flow from scouring them out, has been placed and the platforms for the bridge abutments have been installed.

The order of work during the construction of the bridges is as follows:

  • Drive the piles which the bridges will sit upon - two weeks for each bridge
  • Place and pour the bridge abutments
  • Place the hollowcore concrete beams into position
  • Install the bridge barriers and guardrails

Bridge piling work will start on the bridge over Silverstream (Kaiapoi River) and will move onto the Ohoka River bridge once the piling is completed. On Monday, a crane rig will be set up to start the pile driving process, which will follow on Tuesday 9 May. The whole process of driving the piles for both bridges will take four weeks.

Council's Roading Manager, Ken Stevenson says "The bridge work is a large and technical component of the work, so to see them about to start being built is showing great progress. Once the bridges are finished, the rest of the work is mostly above ground tying in the intersections and continuing with the roading work".

Each bridge has 14 piles to be driven to around 13 metres.

View the project page for more information.