Asbestos discovery in Kaiapoi South

Waimakariri District Council’s Contractor, ARC Projects, has discovered asbestos within the road reserve in Kaiapoi South.

Asbestos roofContractors discovered the asbestos in the eastern end of Wyber Place, and in parts of Courtenay Drive and Charters Street while work was beginning on the installation of a new gravity sewer main as part of the Kaiapoi South earthquake recovery works.

It has been identified as commonly used ‘Chrysotile’ and ‘Amosite’ asbestos and was predominantly utilised in roofs, ceilings, walls and floors of buildings.

There is no evidence to suggest that the asbestos is within private property. ARC Projects have engaged specialist expertise to safely remove and dispose of the asbestos.

Council’s Manager Utilities and Roading Gerard Cleary says “We believe the asbestos poses no risk to public safety, and our contractors have secured the area. Once further testing is completed, and a remediation plan prepared, an update will be provided on the way forward”.

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Contact: Manager Utilities and Roading Gerard Cleary

Phone: 0800 965 468