Weather Update

There has been some surface flooding, most notably around Kaiapoi, and the District's waterways remain high but Waimakariri has otherwise emerged unaffected by last night and this morning's significant rain event.

While the remnants of ex-tropical Cyclone Cook did leave a calling card, by the way of some flooded back yards, and surface water on one some roads, none of the flooding has risen to curb level.

The water in these instances is already subsiding, in most cases with the assistance of pre-positioned water pumps.

There has been no major damage to property yet reported as a result of the event.

As has been the case in the city, some lower lying areas have been affected by surface flooding, but Council staff have been on hand to assist residents, while also closely monitoring the District's waterways.

Council 3-Waters manager Kalley Simpson says that with low tide due in the Kaiapoi River in a few hours, the flood risk from the River has lessened.

Rain radar suggests the worst of the precipitation has now passed with the skies expected to lighten as the holiday weekend progresses, and some sun expected tomorrow.

This should assist with the drying out process.

"As with the rest of the country, we were prepared for what it [the Cyclone] might throw at us but the impact has turned out to be fairly minimal," Mr Simpson said.

With the District's waterways still well above their usual levels due to the deluge, and likely to remain in that state for the immediate future, all fords in the District remain closed.

Council is urging drivers to exercise caution when out and about due to the wet nature of roading surfaces.