UDS Recommends Third Lane South on Waimakariri Bridge

The Christchurch Urban Development Strategy Implementation Group has today passed a resolution relating to the construction of a third lane on the southbound bridge crossing the Waimakariri River.

WaimakaririBridgeThe committee resolved:

  1. To support the construction of a 3rd southbound motorway lane across the Waimakariri bridge subject to the inclusion of:
    1. a separated cycleway; and
    2. a high occupancy vehicle (HoV) lane between TRAM Road and QEII drive.
  2. Noted that a multi-model solution is proposed that will also improve travel time reliability and safety and provide improved travel choices for higher occupancy vehicle use, public transport (including dedicated express services) and cycling.
  3. Note that the construction can be included as part of the Northern Arterial project delivered through the Christchurch Northern Corridor Alliance.
  4. Note that there will be additional related financial implications for other partners should the matter proceed, including park and ride facilities, changes to public transport services, supporting cycle facilities in Waimakariri District.
  5. Note that the proposal may potentially create heavier traffic loads on the road network downstream from the motorway which will have financial implications for the Christchurch City Council.

The matter will now be considered by the New Zealand Transport Authority before a final decision is made.