Have Your Say on Water

Want to have your say on the country's water? Well now you can after today’s launch of a major online survey to gauge New Zealanders’ attitudes and concerns about water issues – from sustainability and quality, to how to manage aging infrastructure and increasing urbanisation.

Landscape ImageThe first national comprehensive survey of its type, it has been developed by Water New Zealand, with the aim of helping the water sector deal with the growing challenges managing the country’s water resources.

Water is a critical element of life everywhere, yet there are still everyday misunderstandings with regards to its provision and how it will be managed in the future.

“Those of us in the business of providing water services [including local governments] need to understand what customers and communities think, including their values, how satisfied they are with the level and cost of the infrastructure needed, and whether water quality issues are being adequately addressed,” Water New Zealand chief executive John Pfahlert says.

The information gathered in the survey will be used by water providers and utilities to help in future planning and ensure that customers’ needs are being met.

The survey is expected to run for about six weeks and can be accessed via the following link – www.nzwatersurvey.co.nz 

Findings from the survey will be released at the Water New Zealand conference in September.