Commuters: allow a little bit of extra time on Flaxton Road on Monday

If you are travelling on Flaxton Road on Monday (April 24), just allow a couple of extra minutes for the journey, as there will be temporary traffic lights in place between box numbers 346 and 336 on the road.

Traffic lightThe lights, which will be there for one day only, are to allow for sewer work which is being conducted that day. 

The lights are needed because one lane is going to be closed down.

There will be no disruption to telecommunications, power or water, while access to all nearby businesses will be maintained.

Vehicles exiting the driveway within the lane closure will be assisted by on-site staff if it is required.

The work will take place between the hours of 6am and 6pm (weather permitting).

While bad weather would force postponement, the forecast is good for Monday. Council asks that pedestrians passing by on foot keep clear of all moving machinery.

Assistance will be on hand if it is needed to walk through the work site.

Dust and noise on the site will be minimised as much as is possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.