Check and Check Again at Intersections

Waimakariri District Council and local police are reminding motorists of the importance of checking and checking again before crossing an intersection.

Forty percent of all crashes in Waimakariri from 2012-2016 occurred at intersections resulting in 6 deaths and 283 people injured. 

Driver signalling to turn at an intersectionDrivers are regularly observed not stopping at stop sign controlled intersections, says Sergeant Rene Pabst of Rangiora Police.

“Often it is locals who travel through the intersection every day and become complacent about checking the way is clear,” he says “Many drivers also seem to think that slowing down at a stop sign controlled intersection is sufficient.  A stop sign means the vehicle must come to a complete stop, you can’t just roll through the stop.”

Waimakariri Road Safety Coordinator Kathy Graham says rural intersections are particularly high risk given the speed at which vehicles are often travelling.

“In Waimakariri the most common cause of crashes at intersections are failing to stop or give way (a factor in 58% of crashes) and poor observation (a factor in 52% of crashes).

The ‘Check and Check Again’ intersection campaign is being carried out in Waimakariri, Selwyn, Ashburton and Timaru during April. The campaign will remind drivers to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, checking both ways for traffic and checking again before crossing the intersection to ensure it is safe to proceed. 

Failing to stop at an intersection can cost you a $150 fine, 20 demerit points, a serious injury or even your life if it causes a crash. 

Local police will also be targeting intersections in the district to enforce compliance throughout April. 

When approaching a “Give Way” controlled intersection drivers also need to slow down so you are ready to stop, give way if needed and check carefully before passing through the intersection.

Drivers are reminded that showing patience and courtesy to other motorists and road users at intersections helps create a safer environment for everyone and helps reduce the number of crashes.

Waimakariri drivers are being invited to check their knowledge of intersection rules by taking part in a quick questionnaire. Every entry goes into a weekly draw to win one of two $50 MTA vouchers and the final prize of a $250 MTA voucher. Entries are open until 26 April - to enter pop in to your local Council service centre and complete the form.

Contact: Kathy Graham

Phone: 0800 965 468