Usher Programme Key to Patron Experience

Theatre and arts communities all over the world rely on Volunteer Ushers. Volunteering is recognised as being a fun and fulfilling way of giving back to a community, and it’s an opportunity to learn new skills, connect with others and make new friends.

To improve the patron experience in the Waimakariri District, the Volunteer Ushers program is a new initiative, set up in partnership between the Friends of the Rangiora Town Hall and the Waimakariri District Council.

Ushering for the Rangiora Town Hall will bring you face to face with the performers and patrons of arts in the district and allow you to provide a highly valued service in the process.  From dance recitals and competitions, junior theatre, magic shows, musical performances and school productions, you will be a part of the life and experience of delivering arts in the Waimakariri.

Community Facilities Coordinator Simon Kong says “The refurbishment of the Rangiora Town Hall has given the 91-year-old building a new lease of life.  The upgrade, which added features like large foyer toilets, proper dressing rooms and modern ventilation, has made the building an attractive venue to showcase local performing arts performances and shows to the district”.

Since re-opening in 2015 the Town Hall has seen a rapid uptake in bookings. After completing over 60 public performances days in 2016, bookings for 2017 have already exceeded this number. 

While the Town Hall has been a fixture of the Rangiora community for a long time, the refurbishment is seeing the Town Hall flourish as a true multi-use performing arts destination for the arts community in the district.  “Pre-quake the Town Hall was very much a DIY venue, with hirers providing most of the internal support for managing shows”. 

“The refurbishment has evolved this experience to a building with better facilities and features. The introduction of a Volunteer Ushers Program is part of expanding the patron experience of the Town Hall to match similar experience at other great venues and theatres”.

Anyone can become a volunteer usher. To discover how you can support your Waimakariri performing arts community, come along to the Rangiora Town Hall Function Room on Sunday 2 April at 3.30pm to find out more.  

Learn how:

Sunday 2 April at 3.30pm Rangiora Town Hall Function Room

Contact: Simon Kong

Phone: 0800 965 468