South Belt/Southbrook Road Intersection Layout Set to Change

Several turning movements at the South Belt/Southbrook Road intersection will be restricted from Wednesday 5pm, as contractors prepare to cross the intersection for the installation of a new stormwater pipeline.

Traffic flow on Southbrook road heading north and south will be unaffected. It is recommended that motorists consider alternatives routes where possible during the intersection upgrade.A trench shield being placed at the Southbrook Road Intersection

Council’s Roading Manager Ken Stevenson says “We want to make the intersection as safe as possible while the work is going on and we want to get it done as quickly as we can to keep disruption to a minimum. It would help the contractors working in this space if people could avoid the area if they can”.

Despite the recent wet weather, work has been progressing well. Installation of a sewer pipeline within the intersection is complete, with final sections being installed north towards Matawai Park. Completion of a connection for the new stormwater into the Middlebrook Culvert now sees the pipeling progressing north towards the South Belt intersection.

View detailed information including a map showing detours and turning restrictions.