Residents Talk About Easter Sunday Trading

Armed with a basketful of chocolate eggs, reporter Suzette Howe, hopped out onto the streets of Rangiora and Kaiapoi to ask local residents one simple question:  Should shops have the option of trading on Easter Sunday?

Easter Sunday Trading

Opinion of those asked appeared evenly divided with no clear patterns amongst age or gender groups noticeable.

Many of those opposed to trading on Easter Sunday cited time with family and a break for retail workers as their main reason for objecting.  Others had religious reasons for keeping the status quo and thought having shops open on Easter Sunday would be disrespectful.

Those supporting change often said that it should be down to personal choice whether shops were open or not.  Some stated that they would enjoy the opportunity to spend time shopping on their day off. While a few were undecided, many others responded with a simple, “Why not?”

In future videos in the series, Suzette interviews business owners, a youth council member and a local Vicar for their views around trading on Easter Sunday.

The consultation around Easter Sunday trading is just one topic featured in the Waimakariri District Council’s Draft Annual Plan for 2017/2018.  Residents are able to make submissions online, on Facebook or at any council service centre or library.

Find out more or make your submission here.