Oxford Set to Show Off it's Best!

It’s Show Time again!

This time it’s the turn of Oxford and surrounds to show off its best, with Saturday April 1 being the occasion of the one of the biggest agricultural and social gatherings in the district for the annual Oxford A&P Show.

Oxford Show Kapa Haka GroupThe show is into its 112th year, having debuted in 1906, the same year of an earthquake that destroyed three-quarters of the American city of San Francisco, and of a census that found that the British Empire ruled over one fifth of the world’s population.

This year’s event is not short on attractions, with one of the major drawcards kicking off at 1.30pm with the “Man v Beast vs Machine” Challenge.

Held in the main show ring, this competition will see a shepherd and his dog take on four different scurry pony teams and a four-wheel drive vehicle. 

All six competitors will individually take on a scurry course, racing through cones, and against the clock.  Teams will collect a time penalty if they knock a ball off a cone.

The fastest overall time wins. 

Crowd participation in advance will be encouraged as they will be asked to vote for who they think will win by writing the name on a coffee stirrer and placing it in the box of their chosen winner.

This will be located at the President’s Marquee, up until the time of the challenge.  The winner’s voting box will then be opened and a name drawn out.  If present, that person will win $100.

Another new attraction will be a demonstration by a farrier who will make a set of horse shoes and then fit them to a horse. 

If you have never seen the craft of hot shoeing a horse before, this is not to be missed.  The demonstrations will be held in the Goldpine Shed, between the Mohair Shed and the Woodchopping between 10am and 11am and again from 12.30pm to 1.30pm.

The show also welcomes back the Oxford Area School’s Kapa Haka Group who will perform in front of the President’s Marquee at 12.00pm.

A full and fun day of activities is planned.

You can even catch up with what’s going on at Council, and have your say on public consultations focusing on Easter Sunday trading, upgrading the water supply for residents on the Oxford Rural No.1 scheme as well as discussing whether speed limits should be lowered in Mandeville.

The Council tent will also be attended by the crew from ‘Love Food, Hate Waste’ who will be spreading the gospel on better food use. Victoria Madison from Revival Food Company will be selling ‘Compost Cookies’ made in a zero waste kitchen. With ingredients like kumara, yam peelings, pretzels and spent grains from brewing – these sound like a must try!

This year’s show is also a chance to meet elected representatives from the Oxford-Ohoka Community Board who will be manning the tent throughout the day alongside Council staff.

Look out also for the Easter Bunny, who is coming to promote the Easter Sunday trading consultation in person, armed with a huge stash of chocolate eggs for the kids.

Gates open at 8am.

Further information on the show can be found at Oxford A&P Show