Oxford Rural No.1 Water Supply Upgrade

The Council are talking to the community about the upgrade of the Oxford Rural No.1 Water Supply Scheme and proposes some options for consideration.

The existing water supply no longer complies with the New Zealand Drinking Standards and is at capacity. This means no more water can be allocated and new connections are unable to be made.Well drilling rig at the McPhedrons Road proposed well site

Work has been undertaken to find suitable locations for a new well, or wells, at the western end of Rockford Road in Oxford. One of these wells, producing 7 litres per second, is being connected to the scheme at present. However there isn't enough capacity in this well to supply the entire scheme, therefore another well or wells are needed. 

Two options have been considered for the location of the new well, with costs in the vicinity of $1.7 - 2.3 million to carry out the upgrade. The first site is located at the west end of Rockford Road and the second is in McPhedrons Road near the Watsons Road Reserve intersection. Feedback is being sought on which option the community would prefer.

The Council has recommended the site located in McPhedrons Road as the preferred option for several reasons. As a higher yielding well, it has greater certainty in cost estimation due to less bores being required to extract water, the expected required depth of the bore is less which means drilling costs will be lower and there is less risk of increased costs, there is more Council owned land available in the area, so the bore can be drilled away from the roadside which is preferable as a long term site. There are less risks of delays to the overall programme with this option and no expected issues are required to obtain consent to extract water from the well, with good separation between the existing bores.

Following this recommendation, advice has been received from local residents advising that there is a historic sheep-dipping site in the proximity of the McPhedrons Road site.

Council staff were not originally aware of the proximity of the sheep-dipping site to the proposed well site, and are in the process of seeking advice as to what steps need to be taken to ensure that this does not cause any issues regarding the proposed new well site.

There is a large area of Council owned land in the vicinity, so staff are confident it will be possible to adjust the specific well site to make sure that the separation from the historic site is adequate. Soil tests and water quality tests will be undertaking to ensure the site and the proposed well is safe should that option be chosen.

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