Open Fire Season Starts Midnight Friday 24 March

The Restricted Fire Season will be lifted from midnight Friday 24 March in the Waimakariri District, and will be replaced by an Open Fire Season.

Fires will be able to be lit in the open air in rural areas without a permit following the lift of the Restricted Fire Season, which extended over the whole of the Waimakariri District Council Rural Fire Authority area. Fire

There are a few provisions to be aware of before lighting a fire. Here's what you need to know:

  • Fires may not be lit in residential zones except with consent from Environment Canterbury. Contact them for futher information.
  • ‚ÄčAll residents must take care when lighting fires in the open, and are reminded that legal liability for the costs associated with supression of fires lie with the person lighting the fire. 
  • Before lighting a fire in the open, due care must be given to weather conditions, adequacy of fire breaks and the patrolling of fires until they are completely out. The 'owner' of the fire must be in attendance until the fire is out.
  • No fires to be lit or allowed to burn after dark.
  • Resources adequate for the supression of your fire must be on hand prior to lighting.
  • People lighting fires have a duty of care to their neighbours, and a duty to prevent the spread of fire. 
Council's Principal Rural Fire Officer, Tim Sheppard says 'Property owners within the hill and high country area of the Waimakariri District Council Rural Fire Authority, the Ashley Rural Fire District and Department of Conservation Estate fire safety margin are reminded that a Restricted Fire Season is in place year round within these areas, and that the relevant authority should be contacted for a permit prior to any open air burning'.

'An Open Fire Season doesn't mean you don't have to take note of weather conditions. Continue to check weather conditions before lighting, make sure you have adequate water supply on hand and stay with the fire until it's completely out'.

Contact: Tim Sheppard

Phone: 0800 965 468