VIDEO: Main Topics Covered in Draft Annual Plan

The Draft Annual Plan for 2017/2018 was released for public consultation last week and a new video released today highlights the main points of interest for residents.

The council is reshaping the budget for its capital works programme – in order to prioritise the completion of several major projects and prepare for future developments.

“What’s Happening with Your Rates” goes into detail on the various rates’ changes across the district.  On average rates increases are lower than previously signalled; however some areas have experienced large gains in capital value or are undertaking major water supply upgrades.

The council is also keen to receive feedback on their management of the natural environment – this encompasses the waterways, storm water drains and ocean outfall.   Specific issues in each of those categories are laid out in more detail within the consultation document.

And a major consultation with the community is underway around the issue of trading on Easter Sunday.  Government recently changed legislation, which allows each council to develop local policy around the Easter Sunday trading for their district.  The residents of Waimakariri are being asked if they would like the council to develop a policy that allows retailers to trade on Easter Sunday or if they preferred to see the status quo remain.

You can view the plan and make your submission here or at any council service centre or library.