Local Businesses Contribute to Easter Sunday Trading Discussion

The second video in the council’s Easter Sunday trading consultation was released today, focusing on the two local business owners.

Stirling SportsAt over 135 years old, Blackwells Department Store has long been an iconic business in Kaiapoi.  Fifth-generation family member and Office Manager Michael Blackwell was of two minds about any potential policy change in regards to allowing trading on Easter Sunday.

Out of concern for the welfare of the staff in the store, he was not keen to see them working any additional hours.   However he did acknowledge that the modern retail environment was challenging and required longer trading hours to remain competitive.

Alice has recently opened a Stirling Sports store on Rangiora’s main street. She was in favour of having the option of trading on Easter Sunday as she had already received positive feedback from the community about her shop being open on Sundays.

The video series will continue next week with further interviews with residents and business owners.

The council was pleased with response thus far, with submissions on the topic already starting to flow in.

Find out more and make your submission on Easter Sunday trading and the Draft Annual Plan here.