Kaiapoi Riviera Hits the Roaring Forties

Daniel & Suzette TeamWell done Waimakariri!

Thank you for engaging with us via our online and social media channels.

Last year we moved to place an increased emphasis on digital and online tools as a means of directly liaising with you.

Your response has been emphatic.

So much so, that the recent video post on the Kaiapoi Riviera put together by Cr Al Blackie and our Visual Media Coordinator Daniel Huisman this week surpassed 40,000 Facebook users in reach, with in excess of 17,000 of these having subsequently viewed the video.

All of which is not bad for a District with a population of just over 57,000.

Other current videos are also proving popular.

Our Civil Defence Emergency Management Advisor’s preview of the upcoming Tsunami public education meetings has reached in excess of 17,000 social media accounts, which has resulted in more than 10,000 people watching Brennan in action.

Likewise our resident ‘Easter Bunny’ is attracting plenty of attention (it must be the lure of the free chocolate eggs!), with over 10,000 having viewed her first post on the question of an Easter Sunday trading policy, and more than 5000 having viewed the associated video.

Suzette’s video is the first of a series we are airing on the issue of whether the District needs a policy on Easter Sunday trading.

She will also be at the Oxford Show on April 1, and your feedback, either via Facebook or through the online form on our website, is much appreciated.

It’s your District.

We want your views!

The introduction of videos and the far greater emphasis on ‘real time’ information on Facebook and Twitter are key components in our commitment to keep you informed using every available means.

Council Facebook and Twitter numbers have rocketed as a result but we can, and will, improve the two-way communication that we have with our community even further.

We are committed to doing better every day to make your life easier, and there is more to come on the communications front with live streaming in the works, and a District-wide app under construction.

Stay tuned.